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Restaurant Groups Equipment services and guide

A single procurement point

Thanks to our nationwide distribution network we can negotiate agreements that will help you to make better procurement deals and have a fast, efficient technical assistance unit at your service in any of your establishments. 

Sammic will take care of providing the resources required for the processes of installation and maintenance of the units.

Sammic Services: At your service

Thanks to our historical trajectory, that has allowed us to accumulate knowledge and experience, we have created Sammic Services.

Sammic Services is a platform from which we want to share our skills and knowledge with our market, both with distributors and with end users. We know that the needs of our distributors and users are not always satisfied with just machines. And we know that our dealers and users need more than a good machine to get the better of it.

Chef's Services by Sammic. We speak your language

Sammic has teamed up with Fleischmann’s Cooking Group to offer training and provide consulting services to our Dealers and End Users.

With our corporate Chef and from our training kitchen we offer standard or ad-hoc services in-situ, at the customer’s facilities or on-line. Services that will help you get the best from our equipment, or to choose the appliances that best suit your needs.​

Tech Services by Sammic. FTechnical Training wherever You are.

From our Technical Assistance Service, we provide training to our dealers' own technical services. From our training room or at the customer's facilities, we offer customized training, always depending on the needs raised by the distributor.

Design Services by Sammic. We adapt to your needs.

Tell us about your requirements and we will propose you the solution that will allow you to maximize your investment. We can also adapt our product to your needs.


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