Vegetable preparation machine CA-401 VV (variable speed)

Commercial vegetable preparation machine with an hourly output of up to 650 Kg.

Variable speed motor block and a large production attachment. Discs are not included*.

The head, with a blade on one side, distributes products inside the feeding mouth and cuts and distributes entire product like cabbage. The high ejector allows to move more material, which allows to obtain a high production without loss of quality in the final product.

  • Electronic, user-friendly control board with 5 speeds.

  • Stainless steel construction and highest quality material, all suitable for contact with food.
  • New production technology that give a uniform, highest-quality cutting result.
  • Large production head with lateral blade, which distributes the product inside the inlet and cuts and distributes entire product like cabbage.
  • In option the included core drill can also be used with the same purpose.
  • High positioned ejection disc allowing to eject a bigger product quantity.
  • The large range of high quality discs and grids allows the operator to obtain over 70 different styles of product.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Lateral product ejection, which allows the appliance to be placed in a less deep working surface.
  • This directs the product avoiding splashing.
  • NSF-International certified appliance (complying with Hygiene, Cleaning and Food Material regulations).
  • Please note: as a result of continuous product improvements, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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Технические характеристики

Производительность в час: 200 Kg - 650 Kg

Площадь загрузочного отверстия овощерезки: 286 cm2
Диаметр диска: 205 mm
Кол-во скоростей овощерезки (режимов): 5 (365 rpm - 1000 rpm)
Мощность: 1500 W

Внешние размеры
Ширина: 391 mm
Глубина: 400 mm
Высота: 667 mm

Вес нетто: 30 Kg
Уровень шума на расстоянии 1 м: <70 dB(A)
Уровень шума: 32 dB(A)

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